Cast and Production Crew June 22, 23 2012 performance at Highways Performance Space

written and directed by Leslie K. Gray

Gabrieal Griego
Brownie Sibrian
Joshua Lamont
Adrian Leonard
Waewdao Sirisook

Naomi Kasahara

Joseph "Sloe" Slawinski

Francois-Pierre Couture

Madeline Keller

Leslie K. Gray

Additional assistance
Ethan Koerner
Michael A. Gray
Zack T.

Special thanks to
Ed Cha
Michael Sakamoto

Highways Directors
Leo Garcia
Patrick Kennelly

Images from the show.
To watch a video of highlights please click here!

Image of Jeanne puppet at Modi's funeral

Small puppets made of fabric to represent Jeanne and Andre as children.

Kisling puppet with mask and suit and shoes.

Jeanne puppet surrounded by giant menacing mask heads.

Jeanne puppet with the Doctor who is a clamp light puppet.


And our awesome cast!

Tri-Pi wishes to thank everyone involved in MAUDIT for giving their all for making this work come to life. Applause all around!