En La Noche

--show is 15 mins in length in either English or Spanish. Full program is 45mins.
--minimum space requirement: 12ft wide x 12ft deep x 12ft high
--performance area must have ability to be darkened for shadow section of show
--set up time: 1 hr
--strike time: 40 mins
--cast number: 4
--tech crew: 1 sound op

Please contact us for prices and details for presentation.







This show is designed for all ages, however some images may seem frightening to some younger children. The middle section of the show is presented in shadow which requires darkness.




We are delighted to now have both an English and a Spanish version of this thought provoking piece which tells the tale of a woman's harrowing journey up a raging river to save her dying husband in the middle of the night. What is the value of an extraordinary act if the same person could never accomplish it again?

This is a black and white image of the wife's face as she is imagining herself and her huband in their boat.

If you would like more information about booking this show, please contact us!


Brownie Sibrian
Adrian Rose Leonard
Gabrieal Griego/Diana Tanaka
Leslie K. Gray

Sound design by
Joseph "Sloe" Slawinski

Original Music by
Michael A. Gray

adapted, designed and directed by
Leslie K. Gray

Spanish translation by
Letícia Chifflet

Please click here for video highlights of the English language version of show!

Past performances

The Electric Lodge, High Voltage Series

The Skirball Puppet Festival, Skirball Museum

Arroyo Arts Collective Puppet Festival

The Mercado La Paloma