"...remarkable puppets, the likes of which you have not seen on any stage in Los Angeles."
---Culver City News

"Visual Music..."
---Real Talk LA

"This is not the Muppets. This is not even Avenue Q. This is something very different."


Written and directed by Leslie K. Gray

Nina J. Silver

with Rosalie Tucker and Chie Saito

Lena Garcia

Dan Weingarten

John Nobori

Soojin Lee

Leslie K. Gray & Lena Garcia

Michael A. Gray Jonathan Alvarez John Nobori

March 21-29, 2009 at

The Electric Lodge
1416 Electric Ave.
Venice, CA 90291




A one act experimental puppetry performance piece

A woman journeys into her past to locate what she might have lost along the way.

Does He Know? utilizes abstract found-object puppets and both overhead projector and practical shadow puppetry.

To see a video of the highlights, click here.

Photo of Nina J. Silver seated in front of projected blue door.

Photo of Nina J. Silver surrounded by puppeteer shadows


photo of a puppet made from a shutter and red velvet confronting Nina J. Silver.


A puppet that is a shirt bows to Nina J. Silver.

Nina J. Silver upturning a wooden box while on the screen is an image of ripped paper.

Puppet made of a large sheet of fabric flies overhead while Nina J. Silver is below.